Jobs For Veterans – Positions in Demand

Jobs for veterans have been out of sight for some time. Most people believe they do not exist, but the reality is that there are many, many job openings in the U.S. Military that need to be filled as our economy and tax base becomes strained.

The most widely publicized jobs for veterans are those related to the military service. But there are also jobs for veterans in sales, forensics, health care, forensic accounting, transportation, management and communications.

Veterans have the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in their field of employment with the right training and support. The following information will provide a look at some of the most important areas.

Health Care Jobs

Health care professionals are becoming more competitive as the need for such individuals grows. Although most professionals are employed in the private sector, it is possible to find positions in the public or government sectors. There are jobs for veterans in both areas.

Veterans that work in a governmental capacity are required to pass an exam that requires a great deal of work and commitment. The most common jobs for veterans in this area include Army medical operations, chief medical officer jobs and enlisted medical officers.

Retail Job Openings

In this field there are many retail positions that require very little training. There are also opportunities for marketing, service, food preparation and distribution and other roles. In most cases these positions require less training and experience than positions in the defense sector.

In the accounting industry there are opportunities for both entry-level employees and company directors. There are also positions in sales, administration, administrative and secretarial work. Most veterans that are looking for retail jobs also have an interest in some sort of accounting or tax setting.

IT Support: IT Support would be a great field for veterans. The IT world is a fast growing industry with a lot of room for growth. Basic computer knowledge is required but it can be self taught. Once you secure the job, you can move up from within.

Sales: Veterans that work for themselves usually find employment in the high profit-margin industries. However, there are many employment opportunities in high profit-margin sectors that require little experience. They may have to be a bit more outgoing and be willing to perform a variety of functions.

Government: Military veterans are often called upon to fill a number of positions in the government. However, not all positions require the same training or experience. Typically there are positions for personnel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

Education Opportunities: There are a number of schools for veterans that offer special education programs and associate degrees. These schools tend to be in larger cities and may have a military flavor to them. The Department of Defense, the FBI, the CIA and the U.S. Special Operations Command all provide special education and associate degree programs for veterans.

Veterans also have options for specialized careers and can go back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in anything from aeronautics to criminal justice. One can also obtain a Doctorate degree, as well as obtain specialized certification in critical care.

Finally, open positions for veterans can be found in nearly every industry. The private sector has more job openings than ever before due to the economic problems. Due to the fact that the government is closing many positions, there are more positions available than ever before.